Why You Should Visit Manchester As Soon As Possible

This may come as a huge shock to some of you guys out there, but there is actually other places to visit in the United Kingdom than London! Who would have ever guessed it!?

We don’t have tea parties every afternoon, we don’t all know the Queen personally, and we don’t have a hop on, hop off tour bus – but we do know how to party – Saturday night is best spent blind drunk in a club until daylight (or is that just me?) . We swear more than necessary, We always talk about the weather, because in Manchester, it does always rain, and contrarily to popular belief we do actually have a sense of humor (well, some of us!)

Here are the top reasons you should visit Manchester.

Manchester at night

Manchester at night


Manchester is famous for it’s nightlife. You can visit the quirky bars and restaurants of the Northern Quarter, or have a trashy night on the tiles down Canal Street (Also known as the Gay Village). Visit pretty much any bar on Canal Street for drag shows, karaoke, cheap drinks and a guaranteed good night out. Gay or straight, everybody is welcome. Just get your dancing shoes on – one of the clubs doesn’t close until 10AM! Also pay a visit to Cloud 23 bar at the Hilton Hotel – The view from the bar on the 23rd floor at night is awesome, only stay for one drink though – there is no music and it’s ridiculously expensive.

Avoid the Printworks on a weekend as it’s frequented by chavs. Also avoid Spinningfields and Deansgate Locks as I find these areas quite pretentious, although some people may disagree.

Theatres & Music Venues

The Palace Theatre, The Opera House, Manchester Arena, 02 Apollo, and many more. Just avoid booking online as you will be subject to booking fees. Buy from the box office instead.

Check whats on here.Β http://www.whatsonstage.com/manchester-theatre/


I’ve been told we have two famous football clubs in Manchester? People always ask – Manchester City or United? I usually say City and hope they don’t ask any more questions. I once went to a match at the Etihad and spent the whole time at the bar. I also went to a Beyonce concert at Old Trafford once, does that make me a raging football fan?

Cheaper than London

The further north away from London you go the cheaper things get.

We have our own dialect

Alright our kid?

Because what better language to learn than Manc? I don’t have the words to describe the accent, but this guy does a pretty amazing job. Check out KoreanBilly on YouTube.


By now you will all probably know that I hate shopping, but you will find most shops in and around the Arndale Centre and Market Street. You might even manage to actually make it down Market Street without being forced to sign up to a charity or to buy someones CD if you avoid visiting on a weekend! If you’re wanting somewhere to people watch, sit outside one of the coffee shops and take in the sights, some of the street performers are absolutely comical – and some not in a good way. Recruit a student friend to show their student card at the till to receive up to 30% off your purchases in most high street shops.


Christmas Markets in the months running up to Christmas.


Here in Manc Land, we have the 3rd largest Chinatown in Europe. Stuff your face with Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese cuisine – you name it, we got it.

History and Architecture

I’d love to be an expert on this, but unfortunately don’t have the foggiest idea. We do have some nice buildings – but maybe buy a guidebook for this one.

Drop me a line if you’re ever in the city!

Anybody been to Manchester and got some tips? Leave your comment below.


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