Why Going To Bangkok Made Me Hate My Life In England

Bangkok – The City of Angels. I don’t know what it is about this city, but ever since I first went in 2014, I have been completely addicted. It’s hectic, the traffic is absolutely horrific, the pollution is awful, and you can’t get anywhere quickly if you are in a rush. I really don’t know why this city has such a hold over me, but I have no willpower to stay away.

Everything in England now just seems ridiculously expensive, people aren’t friendly and respectful, and NEVER would anybody dare to smile at you on the street. The food here seems boring and unhealthy, and the atmosphere now feels dull and dreary. I spend every day wishing I was back in the vibrant capital city of Thailand.

Temple of Dawn, Bangkok, Thailand.

Where at home can you go to an open air rooftop bar?

I mean, there is a couple in England, but why would you bother when it’s absolutely freezing 95% of the time? My favorite is Octave at the Marriott Sukhumvit, because the upbeat music is the perfect start to the night, the prices are quite reasonable, and the view is absolutely breathtaking. The most famous is Lebua Tower – because it was featured in the film ‘The Hangover 2’ – however the music isn’t as good and it is quite expensive, although a randomer did buy me a glass of champagne there once, so I can’t complain.Β Pre drinks in my friends bright pink bedroom or the grotty local pub just aren’t the same anymore.

Enjoying champagne at Octave @ The Marriot Sukhumvit, Bangkok.

I can’t focus on anything anymore

Because there is only 5 weeks left until my trip, I am at the point now when I am checking my countdown app several times a day, I’m hungry for Thai food, I’m hungry for the Thai hospitality, and I’m hungry for the nice weather! It is on my mind constantly and I just can’t cope with daily life. Wake up, work, eat, sleep, repeat. Yawn. I wake up every day longing to be back in Bangkok.

Getting something quick and healthy to eat is really hard

Our options for a quick lunch in England consist of burger vans, pasty shops, and supermarket sandwich meal deals.. not exactly nutritious.Β In Bangkok, everything is about the food, you can think ‘I’m hungry’ and have a nice bowl of healthy noodle soup from the street in front of you in less than a minute for 50 Baht. No planning or booking tables necessary, just rock up to any place you feel like – whenever you feel like it. There are countless places to eat in every soi in the city.

Cheap and healthy street food.

Public transport is just too much effort

Getting around in Bangkok is really easy, and it doesn’t take planning to get anywhere, all you have to do is hail the taxi, jump on a motorbike, or wait approximately 2 minutes for the Skytrain. Fair enough most of the time, there are thousands of people everywhere, but still, its very easy to get around. Here you have pre-book taxis, buses never turn up, trains are always cancelled, and a simple 15 minute journey just ends up being a complete nightmare. Waiting on a freezing cold train platform for 2 hours in the middle of December is just not my idea of a good life.

I don’t know what to wear in the morning

I wake up in the morning in summer, get my cup of coffee, get showered and put on shorts and a t-shirt, to open the door to pissing down rain and freezing wind. Raincoat it is. At least in Thailand the weather is predictable. Its either gonna be hot and dry, or hot and raining, as long as you remember an umbrella in rainy season then bobs your uncle.

Every day I miss the city and it’s kind and friendly people. In Thailand it feels like one giant community. I used to feel this way about England, but now it just feels cold and empty in comparison, and this is the reason why I am counting down the days until I will be back.

Do you also have an insatiable love for the city? Drop me a comment below, or post on my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. (Links on homepage).



17 responses to “Why Going To Bangkok Made Me Hate My Life In England

  1. Aww I loved reading this.. and didn’t want it to end! I feel exactly the same way about England.. grr. We have been out a year in our Motorhome and I really don’t want to go back… it’s so boring. People don’t strive for life there.. they just get up, go to work.. come home and watch corry… that is how life passes you by… grab the bull!! πŸ’–πŸ’–

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  2. Great read! Bangkok was my first proper foreign country I travelled to in 2012 (I’m from New Zealand) and it gave me the travel bug hard! Bangkok changed my life and now I’ve visited over 22 countries. I haven’t been back to Thailand since and I miss it SO much and I can’t eat Thai food anymore because it’s just never as good. I hope to go back one day very soon! πŸ™‚


  3. Life in Europe is really different than Asia. We were in Bangkok and we definitely loved some things while we didn’t like other. But you are totally right, food is sooo nice and cheap in Bangkok and transport it’s great, we used the Skytrain all the time!

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  4. I love this. Your post is so relatable! I think everyone has that place that draws them to it, as if they should’ve been born there. My place is Norway. I completely understand counting the days until you can go back! I hope you can often. πŸ™‚ Also, I feel you on the summer rain in England. I’m from the US but have coworkers from England who have said its been rainy and overcast pretty much all summer. Thailand sounds lovely in contrast! Safe travels!


  5. Bangkok is an amazing city, but when the novelty wears off, you can get easily homesick. I felt in love with this city during my holidays, and decided to move here from Brussels. It’s been now 6 months since I live here, and a) traveling around the city can be a nightmare: constant traffic, and rush hours on the BTS (where you’re surrounded by sweaty people). The weather is great if you’re on holidays, but going to work in 48*C fully dressed is no fun. The food is great for the first couple of months, but when you want anything “western” you end up paying 5 times more than you’d in your home country (ex 10€ for a jar of pickles). I have a love-hate relationship with Bangkok, but I don’t regret moving here.

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  6. For me it’s not just Bangkok (although I enjoy that too). It’s more or less the entire country, and especially the north.
    If you’ve ever driven up the mountains around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and further up towards the Myanmar border, you’ll know what I mean. Lush nature, stunning views, and something to see (and eat!) around every corner.
    I’m counting down the days before I can go on vacation there again too, but more importantly I’m counting down the years before I can go live there permanently πŸ™‚
    Just 3,5 more years in dreary old Belgium, then I’m off!

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