About Jonny

Hi Guys – and thanks for reading my travel blog! I never dreamed I would be able to have my own website or would be able to write anything people would want to read – especially as my English is awful and I haven’t written anything since I left school, but here I am!

In case you haven’t guessed, my name is Jonathan (but call me Jonny) and I currently live in Manchester, England. I have a love for cheap alcohol, white sandy beaches, sunshine, big cities, and anything that doesn’t involve 9-5.

I started this blog originally, because I wanted one place where I could look back over all my photos and memories, and something to keep my friends and family entertained while I’m away – not once did I think I would be able to share it with the whole world (or even manage to figure out how to get my own page on the internet for that matter!)

At the moment, I am currently working as a travel agent selling holidays and tailor made trips all over the world. I love my job and the customers are definitely the best part – I once had a man come into the shop and ask if we had any brochures on holidays to the moon? And when i replied “no”, he proceeded to lie on his back on the floor and stare into space… I asked if he needed any help and he replied “no I’m OK thanks”.. Awkward.

So far I have traveled to Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Thailand, Malaysia, and I cant wait to see the rest of the world and share my experiences with you all. My bucket list destinations are Japan, Brazil, and the Philippines because of the unspoiled beaches and also because Vodka is cheaper than Coke!

After I have traveled the world – my dream is to call Asia my home, hopefully finding work as a tour guide or in the travel industry somewhere.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and getting to know me through my posts and photos on social media – and I will enjoy getting to know you all too!

See you later Alligator! (In a while crocodile).